How do we select Honest Online Casinos?

Online casino games are various in design, software options, honesty of the software and the casino operator as well as bonuses offered, thus selecting honest online casinos isn’t an easy task.

During our 15 years of experience in the online gambling world, we have manually tested every online casino software there is, and we have experienced a huge number of different situations, both good and bad. We believe this gives us a unique insight that helps us determine what the best deals are for any player interested in gambling in an online casino.

The top criteria we always take into consideration when analyzing an online casino are:

  • Software Honesty

Online casinos use RNGs (Random Number Generators) to achieve the results in an online casino. The major software providers such as Microgaming and Playtech are 100% reliable, but we still keep records of every bet we make at any casino to be able to notice statistical variations that may fall outside the normal distribution for that particular game.

This becomes even more important when dealing with smaller software providers. Of the 178 online casinos we have tested in recent years, you will find only the most reliable ones in our “Top 30 casinos” list.

  • Honesty of the Casino Operators

Even if the software is reliable and trustworthy, not all casino operators are. Some casino operators will simply not pay a player that has a big win or goes on a lucky streak. This can especially be a problem if it’s a new player that happened to win whilst taking advantage of a generous bonus offer.

We know from experience and from the many hundreds of serious players that we communicate with that all the casinos on our top-30 list will honor and pay out on a win, regardless of how big it is or if it was a new player that happened to win.

  • General Security

Every casino we found online pretends to be safe and secure to attract players, however after testing over 300 online casinos, we have had have had many unpleasant surprises. Sometimes depositing or withdrawal capabilities were compromised, sometimes no SSL certificate was found, no 128-bit encryption was used etc. The casinos we recommend all use the highest industry standard when it comes to their general security features.

  • General Impression

The first impression a player gets when entering an online casino is an important part helping the player decide if he actually wants to play in that particular casino or not. A well-established casino will show off its features to potential new players, and will have a professional presentation. Any casino that does not allow direct access to try their games has been eliminated from our lists.

  • Variety of Games

Although the majority of online casinos use software from only a hand-full of software providers they do differ in to the number of games a player is able to play after downloading the free casino software. All the casinos we recommend offer over 100 games when a player downloads their free software, including classic casino games such as roulette, online slots and video poker.

  • Promotions

To distinguish between a truly interesting online casino promotion and a “Terms and Conditions Apply” type of hidden criteria promotion is almost an art nowadays. Since January of 2005 we examined almost a thousand of online casino promotions , however of these only less than 100 were actually worth our time.

The online casino market is a highly competitive and any serious casino operator knows that that they have to budget for new player promotions if they want to compete in today’s market. New customer acquisition is simply a cost that the casinos have to absorb, and as a new player you should always take advantage of the fact that they are willing to pay you to play in a new casino.

  • Deposit and Payout Methods

Different casinos offer different methods for depositing and withdrawals and there are also differences in the speed that they process withdrawals. Most serious online casinos offer the industry standard payment methods such as, Visa, Neteller, Moneybookers, Click2Pay etc.

These can payments can then be instantly deposit into a player’s account. The speed of withdrawals are sometimes a sticking point though and even some big reliable casinos take far too long to process a withdrawal for our liking. There is no real reason a player should have to wait more than a week to receive payment from a big win, ever.

We use a multitude of criteria to determine which honest online casinos you can trust and are worthy of your attention when we navigate the online casino “jungle”. You can rest assured that any casino recommended on this website has passed all of our tests and in our opinion they can be considered a safe place to gamble online.

Are Online Casino Honest?  

In evaluating the honesty of an online casino, there are several things to be taken into consideration. The biggest bonus does not necessarily mean the best choice.

It is pointless to get a $500 signup bonus from an online casino that does not pay its winners or cheats the players with fraudulent software on all casino games. There are approximately 1200 online casinos available on the Internet today, and we estimate that at least 50% of these casinos defraud their players in one way or another.

Which Online Casinos are legitimate? 

Play at the best online casino or one of the Top 30 Online Casinos we recommend and you can safely bet your money without getting cheated, and if you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot you can be certain that you will get paid.

Our online casino guide will enable you to make your own casino evaluations and demonstrates how to distinguish the serious ones from all slot games and online casino operators from the fraudsters. Read our best online casino reviews and stay safe. We made sure they all offer fast payouts and industry-leading security measures and gambling bonus offers for you.