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I have purchased numerous slot machine strategies and betting systems promising to reveal the secrets to winning at slots that actually work. I have also developed my own variations of these slot machine strategies, based on hours upon hours of playing both day and night, with notebook in hand.

The result of all this is right here in front of you. After extensive testing of slot machine strategies, I can assure you that some strategies work well, but there are very few that work all the time, and the ones that do require incredible patience. I have learnt that the one most important thing to winning at online slot machines is to choose the best online casino since the payout percentages offered by different Internet casinos can vary between 75% and 98%.

If you want to play slots make sure you choose a casino from our list of top online casinos to be sure that you are choosing an honest casino operator. Anyway, let’s back discussing how to actually win at slots online.

Are Slot Machines Honest?

There is no getting around the fact that slot machines are “random,” so it would be fool-hardy to claim that I have discovered a fool-proof slot machine strategy.

However it also is not correct to say for example, “Because slot machine games are random, there is no such thing as a winning slot machine strategy…” On the contrary, I have repeatedly seen slot machines, both online and offline that keep on paying for a considerable time, and the players who responded accordingly were well rewarded.

I can’t tell you where or when you may find such a game, but the slot machine strategies below are in my experience the best ways to take advantage of a situation when it arises.

Standard Deviation Slot Machine Strategies

This type is among the most advanced of all the slot machine strategies I have found. They involve the following two components.

First of all, for these slot machine strategies, you play only “equal ratio” slot machine games–that is, those games that offer the same payment ratios for all levels of play. For example, the jackpot for 3 quarters (or 3 dollars) should be exactly 3 times the jackpot for 1 quarter (or 1 dollar) etc.

Secondly, these slot machine strategies involve calculating the “standard deviation” of the number of plays between wins. The player uses a minimum bet until he approaches the standard deviation of the number of plays between wins. Then the player uses a minimum bet until he approaches two standard deviations.

For example, if most wins seem to happen about 10 to 20 plays apart, then the standard deviation would be approximately 15. Thus using the Standard Deviation type of slot machine strategy, the player increases his bet level whenever about 30 plays have gone by without a win.

I do not give the exact formula here for standard deviation–or any of the exact betting sequences–because after extensive testing, I do not agree with using any such formulas. Firstly, I think it is better just to use this general idea to “count the plays between wins,” and then to bet high on winning play counts.

Secondly. what matters most is to use a slot machine strategy only so long as you are winning, and then to move on to a different game or to different strategy as soon as this stops working.

Slot Machine Strategies for Online Craps

The idea of taking advantage of the standard deviation for a slot machine strategy can be applied to practically any gambling game. This is especially true for online craps where as with slots, you can play in small increments of 25 cents to a dollar.

For example, you can number every dice roll between every roll of 7, and then bet “Come” or “Don’t Come” depending on the trend for that specific roll. The more often this works, the higher you want to make future bets on that specific roll.

The payout rate for many slot machine games is as low as 75%–whereas the payout rate for the best casinos is around 98%. This is a huge improvement. Therefore by applying slot machine strategies only at the best paying casinos, you actually are creating sort of a super-high-yield slot machine game.

Winning at Online Slots With One Play Strategies

When it comes to winning at online slot machines, this is my own favorite group of strategies. Unlike the Standard Deviation strategies, with the One Play slot machine strategies, you do not focus on “equal ratio” games but instead you focus on games with the largest jackpots, and you play only the maximum bet. You start with only one play per game per day, and then you obey the following rules.

  • If any one play wins a payout at 1x-3x (1 to 3 times the amount bet) then you make 1 more play.
  • If any one play wins 4x or more, then you make 3 more plays.
  • Otherwise you stop playing immediately.
  • Take note of those slots where such strategies might seem to work, and those games where they do not work.

Most players I meet, seem to think that One Play slot machine strategies are crazy. These people say, “You can’t possibly expect to win from just one play…” They especially tend to blurt this out with their mouths hanging open just after they have seen me hit a One Play jackpot! Well these slot machine strategies work for me and what I have suggested here is refined from my experience.


After testing numerous slot machine strategies, I came to the following simple conclusions:

  • Sure there are times that a slot machine game does not pay for awhile, and then “pays off” in the end. However there also are times when a slot machine game will just keep on paying. Why not “demand” that you only will play this second type of game?
  • Even a jackpot does not last very long if you go around feeding slot machines that do not feed you back.
  • If on average you can keep 1x from every 3x win, you will do better than to win the largest jackpot.

Using One Play slot machine strategies, I have sometimes managed to play for hours on end with only $50 input and ended up winning thousands of dollars, even without a jackpot. At other times of course, I have had to stop playing rather quickly.

I have decided that my goal should not be to win every day, but to make a small profit long-term, and thereby keep getting continuous chances to win a huge jackpot. Otherwise, no ordinary slot machine strategies or wins are going to change my life.

If you are interested in reading more about slot machine strategies for there is a fantastic book by Charles W. Lund called Robbing the One-Armed Bandits, which we strongly recommend. If you want to try out any of the strategies described here and really win money playing slots money then visit 888, which is undoubtedly the best place for winning slot players today.


By Simon

One of the first editors of Honest Casinos, I have been reviewing casinos since 2003.