Authentic Online Casinos

With the heightened emergence of online casinos following increased interest in online gaming activities, you cannot help but wonder how to distinguish genuine from illegitimate online casinos. Many features are provided by specific online casinos which includes incentives in case they offer any, software manufacturers, presentation among others.

Choosing and settling for an online casino that is both honest and transparent in its operations is no mean task.

A number of factors that could give you guidance as a gamer in an effort to determine how genuine and legit an online casino is are included below;

• Safety and security measures

An online casino needs to have safety and security measures that safeguard both your personal information and financial records. This is a key factor that every individual who has the intention to try their hand in online gaming usually has in mind. Any gamer would like to enjoy anonymity even in case of a grand win, for security purposes.

• Trustworthy casino operators

Casino operators need to be trustworthy enough to openly and transparently conduct its operations but also to keep their side of the deal and honour a win even if it is unexpectedly high and unforeseen as seen in some instances with online gambling casinos. Some new winners have been denied their due earnings from wins by unscrupulous gambling sites.

• Transparent software

Online casino software operates by using the Random Number Generators so as to meet outcomes during online casino games. It is in this line that software providers should be legit companies with evidenced licenses that authorize them to perform this kind of work. This is the only way a gamer can be assured of a fair gambling game.
Some casinos may want to collaborate with unscrupulous manufacturers so as to come up with pre engineered software that always leaves the gamer on the losing end, no matter the stakes.

• Presentation

Transparency is key. A legit online casino will display all its characteristics in an effort to convince a first time gamer. If one such casino bears no important details, then such could encourage suspicion. bet365 games is a platform that leaves no such stones unturned. Games offered, bonuses and terms and conditions are well stipulated. This allows for the gamer to know what they are getting into, beforehand. The odds are known as well as the games which the player may wish to indulge in.

• Bonuses, promotions and incentives

With the ever growing surge of online casinos many are hard pressed to offer incentives so that they can enjoy the market share. It is therefore an art of necessity to be able to determine which online casinos keep their word if a client wins a bonus versus those casinos that lure player with too good to be true offers that never materialize.

• Methods of transaction

Here you can assess the speed with which transactions following wins are processed. You can also methods which you can use to pay your deposits. Serious online casinos offer well known methods of payment such as MasterCard, Visa, and Click-to-pay among others.

Factors to consider.

  1. How transparent are the requirements for incentives like bonuses
  2. Provision for dummy play before the real game


  1. How do I know the legitimacy of an online casino?
    You can do this by assessing reviews. You can also assess their site including recommendations from independent online parties or forums.
  2. How can I redeem myself after being coned by an online gaming casino?
    It is near impossible to redeem yourself. This is why you must be able to conduct all the necessary research about a gambling company before engaging them as your platform of choice.
  3. How are online casinos ranked?
    Based on previous history on how safe and secure an online gambling site has been, they are ranked as such for a higher ranking; chances are that nil incidences of fraud or default in compensation have been reported from them.
  4. How can I trust an online gaming casino?
    Only after performing necessary checks that may give you hints about trustworthy or near honest casinos.
  5. How safe is online gambling?
    Online gambling is not 100% safe since fraudsters also pose as online casinos. These taint the good name of legit online casinos.
  6. Have people won with online gambling casinos?
    According to a report by wall street journal, the odds from rogue casinos are not appealing since they get 90% of their revenue from about 10% of their clients. There have however been individuals who have won from online gambling activities out of sheer luck. This makes on think that there are legit online gambling casinos.
  7. Do casinos really exist?
    Casinos have been in existence since time immemorial. Offline casinos have been used by gamblers in the past as well as today. There has been a transition into online based casinos since they bear some advantages over the traditional online versions.

By Simon

One of the first editors of Honest Casinos, I have been reviewing casinos since 2003.